Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekend with pop-up book and figure sketch

Wow, it seemed like all the things just chose to happen in this one weekend, and it doesn't seems like it is slowing down.  Friday evening and Saturday morning, I had a great time with Roger's friends.  Now  fast forward to the art part!

Saturday afternoon we went to Brooklyn Comic and Graphic Festival.  It was very crowded when we got there.  I did not expect so many people going to that festival!  I was there mainly for Paul Pope.  Waiting around for Paul Pope to  show up, I found a really cool artist instead, Sam Ita.  He is an artist now makes pop-up book.  I was instantly attracted by how he elaborately crafted the pop-up with the story.  I bought one of his book, "Moby Dick", as Roger's nephew's Christmas gift.  Sam even drew a cute whale next to his autograph!  As for Paul Pope, he looks way cuter than I thought!  Although, that's all I remembered of him.  Since the autograph has a "suggested donation $5~$20", we decided just to give it up.  Since when autograph requires money?
very cool, isn't it?
Sam Ita's autograph!

On sunday, my usual figure sketch meetup,

the indoor got a little bit too cold that the model has to put on her clothes for the last pose.  Still interesting to work with.