Friday, March 22, 2013

Back to basic! Bouncing ball and walk cycles

Sick day at home.  Slept all morning.  Fed myself lunch, now my brain is feeling hungry.  Before I passed out again, let me fed my brain with something delicious.

So I am going back to the basic again!  Recently I got a web link that listed a lot of animation worth revisiting.  That's a great idea!  Not only to see how much you have grown and how your style have changed, but also revisit some of those golden rules of animation, and use it with the knowledge I have gain from iAnimate.  Freakin awesome right?!

Ok so here it begins!  The first thing I did was bouncing ball.  Laugh out loud not!  I actually reviewed something that I forgot.  

When the ball hit the ground, we all know that there should be a contact pose before it squash right?
OK! I got that. what about the pose that leaves the squash pose?  Should it be the red one? Or should it be the green one??  According to animator survival kit, it should be the green one.  "You see the change here and then the ball is off again. "

What about a character that's jumping?  "You want to keep the feet on the ground when he takes off, it will give more change to the action. "

Super interesting!  Now onto walk cycle!