Friday, December 17, 2010

one painting with a few sketches!

Dr. Sketchy's drawing session is always so fun and challenging! Since the models always have really interesting costume on, I felt it was a waste not to bring some color in.  Last weekend, the theme was end of the world apocalypse.  I brought my color pencil to try out.  Turned out I really enjoy it! Here's some of the sketches, along with an acrylic painting I did on Sunday nite.
she suppose to be eve?

I have no idea who this is.

acrylic paint, where is my base color! I need to put that in!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


By the name of the great gods! This animation finally comes to an acceptable end.  Of course, I can keep on perfecting it.  But I don't think my eyes can see this animation very clearly now.  So I am going to call this one done for now!  Maybe after a month, I see something that could improve it.  I will come back and revive it.  Tobi!!! Good job!  Moving on to Santa!  Oh! And I forgot to say, critique is very welcome!

12/17  *updated version, after Jo's comments.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost almost there

Wow, that animation took me a while! But it's almost there!! Just have to push it a little bit on the face.  I started to use pmframecounter() for my frame count.  So, now I point out the problem on the precise frame it occurs! Awesomeness.

1. In the beginning he seems to look sleepy.  how come it looks different on my own computer?  Gotta look into that.  Tobi should be doing the Garfield face.
2. Around frame 237, when he raised his elbow, its too poppy.
3. the last part where Tobi runs off the camera , 273-end, the smile should be more pronounced.  I can't feel Tobi's excitement.
4. the expression needs ease in ease out.  
5. bat needs animation.