Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nostalgia: Princess Sarah

I can't recall why I pick up this anime again recently.  

I do remember though, when I was around 5 yrs old, my happiest time of the day was at 6 pm.  Not only did I get to devour my grandmom's homemade delicious dinner, I also get to watch cartoons at the same time! And this cartoon, "Princess Sarah", was among my favorite ones.

Princess Sarah

The story is based on a novel called "A Little Princess" written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  It has 46 episodes.  I am only at episode 7 right now.  When I was a child, watching this animation for the first time, I imagined that I was Sarah.  I figured at that time I would think Sarah is such an adorable little girl, and I want to be like her.  How time has passed! 

Two days ago, when I picked it up again, I remember I was yelling out,  "What a troublesome little bitch!! "  I was amused by how I am watching the animation as a adult now.  Complete different view!  I wonder if my mom ever pray in the dark that the animation ends early, so I would stop copying Sarah.  Nonetheless that doesn't take my love away for this animation now.

This animation was made by Nippon Animation Studio in 1985.  Nippon Animation Studio is famous for taking the literature novels and made them into numerous cartoons.  Their anime series includes, The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, Marco From the Apennines to the Andes, etc. They are also the studio that responsible for Chibi Maruko Chan anime, Cooking Master Boy anime.

This studio has created so many good memories for me, make me happy even now when I think back.

This, is the power of animation.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Slowly progressing, I am turning into a snail!!

Here's the new post!  I have refined the body when Johnny is anticipating the ball. (And yes, I gave him a name, and it's because I like Johnny Depp, and it's my blog.)  Added a little hip movement also head movement in the beginning.  But I am not happy with the head movement at all! Also the body when he's anticipating the ball, he seems too stiff...

Things need love tomorrow,
1. defintely smooth out the hand and the bat when Johnny is waiting around for the ball.  Add more obvious body movement so he doesn't seem like a stone.
2. head movement is going to be tricky.  I can only imagine him looking forward waiting for the ball, so i guess the head movement will be subtle. The force that's making the head move I think mainly comes from the body...
3. add a ball flying in.

I had an awesome weekend!

This weekend was especially cool because my art cells felt revived!

This Saturday I went to an awesome event held by Picto Plasma.   Craig Redman, creator of Darcel, was the first speaker.  I like his presentation, and how he works his idea and lead him where he is now.   Blog is seriously a new way to shout out your thoughts.  I am enjoying it too.

Second one is Rilla Alexander.  Rilla recently completed her book, "Her Idea".  Her speech, out of all four, was the most inspiring one for me.  I could really feel a connection with everything she said.  She talked about how she struggled with her idea booms, and how she find what she really wanted to do after 10 yrs of commercial work.  This made me think a lot of myself.  I am in a stage where I feel confused too.  I have so many ideas just like she has.  But like what she said, new ideas always seem better.

"Please don't give up on me," one of her idea sadly lied in the garbage can.  I almost thought that poor thing lying in the garbage was something that I dumped out.  Work with one idea at a time.  Push it, stretch it, believe in it, do whatever I can with it, be loyal to it.  And eventually it will grow.  One more thing she said that was really interesting was that, commercial work seems to push you away from putting your soul into it.  That's why she saved her soul for her book.  But then she realized that she can't just divide herself into two, one does commercial work, the other one does her book.  I really want to find out what she will be doing two years from now.  Will she be fully devoted to her book? or will she be back into commercial world again?

Next is Nathan Jurevicius.  He's the creator for Scary Girl.  I learned one thing from him.  Lawyers are important when I become famous. haha.

The last one, Peter de Seve.  He is the character designer for Blue sky's Ice Age.  He showed a lot of his work in the speech.  I have to say, he's a really nice speaker, grabs my full attention.  He had been in this business for a long time, and the path to get where he is now, is not as smooth and easy as one would think.  And I got this from him!

Sunday I went to a drawing meetup session.  It was really nice to sit in a tea shop and draw on a Sunday afternoon.  Here are some of my work,

I wish next weekend can be this inspiring too!