Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moving on to the next Rigging class - AFR!

I have finally finished the rigging tutorial on Digital Tutor a few days ago.  It is a real good beginner video like I said in earlier post.  But I feel the rig that I have used in the professional world can do more than that.

So I did some research on what I should look into next.  I found this book being recommended by a lot of artists out there, "Body Language : Advanced 3D Character Rigging" , also the series of video AFR(Animator Friendly Rigging ) by Jason Schleifer.

By Eric Allen & Kelly L Murdock
AFR by Jason Schleifer

After reading about Jason Schleifer's About section on his website. I decided to go for AFR first.  He started out in Alias talking and promoting MAYA, and moved on to Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and by the end , he's already a lead animator.  Then he moved back to US and works in PDI Dreamwork (still my dream studio, I would read AFR for this), and he will be the head of character animation in the new film coming out in 2014.  I can only say, Damn that's cool.

AFR next!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Animation Reels

For 2012 Dragon year, my updated reels!
my animation reel,

my Character animation reel,

Last but not least, my game animation reel!