Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday in American Museum Of Natural History

I went to AMNH this past Sunday.  I was supposed to meet up with a group, but got there late and couldn't find anyone.  So I decided since I was already there, might as well start to draw!  

Animals. They are hard!!  Plus it was weekend, a lot of people and kids around, I couldn't get into the mood of drawing realistically.  So I just drew whatever please me at the moment, and ended up with these messed up drawings.  

As I was drawing my gemsbok, a little girl came over and looked at my sketch book.  She paused , and turned to the display window quickly, then turned to look at my sketch book again.  She ran off , and yell to her dad, "Daddy! what is she drawing?!"    Her dad said to her calmly, "We have to be respectful..." as they walked away slowly.  I wonder how her dad would think when he saw my sketch book...  "OOh! thats a Gemsbok being shot!"