Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fixing hand rotation.

So, I've been fixing the rotation today, still doesn't look good...Parts that I want to fix later.
  1. Some glitch at the beginning of the second rotation, maybe I have to take out that one frame jump?
  2. The rotation is too flat, not enough contrast, push it more!
  3. When his hands raise up to the shoulder, the speed is kindda too even.
  4. freakin head need some motion too.
These are the notes up to where he put his bat on the shoulder. I haven't touch anything after that.
Comments are more than welcome!

Japanese Anime! Highschool of the Dead!

So some entertainment for the animation brain!  I have been watching Highschool of the Dead recently.  Just finished the whole season.  I love it! The story is about a group of high school kids got stuck in zombie apocalypse.  I can use only three words to describe this anime, zombies, girls, blood.  Sounds perfect? Good!

Using the girl's boob as gun tripod?! Which genius comes up with that idea...

naked girl in a kitchen?! in zombie apocalypse!? pure awesomeness! This tells us this animation gotta be funny!

and of course the zombies...and blood...THE THRILL~ yesss

But there are only 12 episodes now.  The story itself is far from finish.  I did hear some people say there will be another season.  Lets really hope that will happen.  This animation is too hilarious too violent and too sexy to end right here!

OK! Serious Business Now! HOME RUN!

This is my first animation that I will do on this blog.  Baseball!
So I thought of all the animation work I have done so far, and realized I have barely done any human body animation!  This would be a fairly simple animation to start with, while still have fun.

So my first pass is just to rough it out.  I haven't done anything too detail yet.  That will be my work tomorrow.  But I am pretty happy with it so far.  Some part the timing is still off, but a little bit more exaggeration would help.

Also the rig I am using is Moom V.4 .  Its fairly easy to find, and the controls are not too bad with simple body animation.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some music for working.

Calming! Not distracting either. I love it.
Shine Radio
go to lize, then click the listen button on right corner.