Saturday, January 14, 2012

MAYA puppetry Rigging

Recently I got into learning how to rig.  I have always felt it is a very useful skill, but have assumed it is way too technical for me.  Who knows, I might enjoy it after all.  Especially right now there's no deadline pressure, always a happy experience to learn new things when there's no deadline involved.

So it begins. I have started going through Digital Tutor videos and found one I think it's a good starting video, Cartoon Character Rigging.  The instructor is Delano Athias.  He did his best to make the whole learning experience fun.  I appreciate that.  Good beginner video to get your feet wet.

For more thorough understanding of rigging, I will probably have find another course to take.

I am going to post the problems I have run into and the answer to the questions up here.  Hopefully soon I will be able to use my own rig to animate. :D