Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moving on to the next Rigging class - AFR!

I have finally finished the rigging tutorial on Digital Tutor a few days ago.  It is a real good beginner video like I said in earlier post.  But I feel the rig that I have used in the professional world can do more than that.

So I did some research on what I should look into next.  I found this book being recommended by a lot of artists out there, "Body Language : Advanced 3D Character Rigging" , also the series of video AFR(Animator Friendly Rigging ) by Jason Schleifer.

By Eric Allen & Kelly L Murdock
AFR by Jason Schleifer

After reading about Jason Schleifer's About section on his website. I decided to go for AFR first.  He started out in Alias talking and promoting MAYA, and moved on to Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and by the end , he's already a lead animator.  Then he moved back to US and works in PDI Dreamwork (still my dream studio, I would read AFR for this), and he will be the head of character animation in the new film coming out in 2014.  I can only say, Damn that's cool.

AFR next!

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