Monday, January 16, 2012

IK handle offsetting and show all input window error

Problem 1. unwanted IK handle offsetting

When rigging the arm with IK, MAYA generate an IK handle and an effector.  Before you move the effector, make sure that the IK handle's attributes are not modified or locked, and IK handle are not grouped under any other nodes, otherwise when you attempt to move the effector, it will seem like it is locked in space, and the joint will start to offset.

Problem 2.  "All input" window is not showing, maya giving "Error: Object `row 1` not found"

This has to do with the layer that the mesh is sitting on.  Delete the layer, and save the file, reopen, problem solved.

Problem 3. change the order of attributes in MAYA

Sadly, this function is still not in the basic package of MAYA 2011.  This problem dated back in 2003(first question found on the internet).  Luckily we have a script made by comet.  It was developed for MAYA 5, but with a little tweak, it works perfectly in 2011.

This is what you have to do.
1. go download comet attribute editor.
2. put the script in your script folder, in my case, C:\Users\antarlian\Documents\maya\2011\scripts
3. open it in MAYA script editor(or any other text editor), go to the end of the script, replace the cAE dropToBottom procedure to :

global proc cAE_dropToBottom(string $obj, string $attr)
  // renameAttr ($obj+"."+$attr) ($attr+"TEMPREN") ; // there
    // renameAttr ($obj+"."+$attr+"TEMPREN") ($attr) ; // and back again
    deleteAttr -attribute $attr $obj;

in Maya 2011, renaming an attr doesn't change the order of the attr anymore, that's why it won't work.  But if we delete the attr first, then undo, the attr will pop up at the end of the attr list.

4. run the script,  cometAttrEditor();

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